About Us...


The Marine Conservation Society, Seychelles, incorporating the Shark Research Institute Seychelles, is a non-membership, non-governmental organisation. MCSS was founded in 1997 by local divers and conservationists to address perceived problems of coral reef degradation due to Crown of Thorns starfish and anchor damage and to formalise a long-term scientific monitoring programme for whale sharks, first set-up in 1996.

The aims of the MCSS  are to improve the conservation of marine eco-systems through scientific, management, educational and training programmes.

These aims are accomplished by the facilitation of projects through the organisation of volunteers, raising of finances and the provision of facilities and equipment. Many of the projects are carried out cooperatively with other organisations or government bodies. Please visit our Projects page for details of current and previous MCSS projects.

MCSS has a small full-time paid staff who are responsible for the implementation of long-term monitoring programmes and grant funded projects who are assisted by a number of volunteers and students doing research projects. Please visit our volunteers page for information or contact us.