Djibouti Whale Shark Monitoring Project

This annual expedition continues the work that MCSS helped implement in 2006, when this aggregation of whale shark was first scientifically documented. The programme has been continued successfully in each year since 2009.

The expedition is jointly organised with the Shark Research Institute and Dolphin Excursions, who operate the live-aboard, DECAN, a Djibouti NGO and Megaptera a French NGO, who MCSS helped to set up a whale shark monitoring programme in Djibouti in 2003.

Three weeks of scientific expedition are planned to study whale sharks in the waters of the Gulf of Tadjoura, Djibouti. This is run as a participatory programme with up to 12 participants assisting the SRI / MCSS team in the collection of data on these sharks; this includes photo-identification, tissue sampling for DNA analysis, compilation of the data, photo-identification matching with previous years, etc.

The expedition is based aboard a live-aboard dhow and is carried out over three consecutive 7-day trips.  Several post-trip excursions are available to participants at additional cost, such as a trip to Lac Assal or to the DECAN Cheetah Sanctuary.

Participants should be over the age of 21, in good physical condition and competent swimmers. On site training will be provided into the basic techniques necessary for the programme by the MCSS team. If you wish to participate please contact us and we will advise you of the availability for the expeditions.