Projects & Programmes


Our range of projects is currently being affected by the impacts of Covid 19 and the temporary closure of some of the partner hotel sites. Please check our Facebook page for the latest information.

Since 1997, MCSS have implemented a broad range of programmes and projects, from long-term monitoring programmes, such as our whale shark and turtle monitoring programmes, to a number of fixed or short-term projects.

Since our formation, we have been fortunate to secure funding for a number of projects through a wide range of donor organisations and from local businesses. Details about most of our earlier projects are summarised on our Previous Projects page, while details of our current programmes and projects are are available from the drop-down menu above.

We welcome volunteers and students on all of our programmes and projects; if you are interested in volunteering please visit the volunteers page for information. For students, we are able to support studies in our various projects and programme areas from basic work experience programmes to Honours Dissertations, Masters projects and PhD Theses; please contact us so we can discuss your needs and how we can assist.