The Regional Coral Project

We are implementing several components of a Regional Project “Restoring Marine Ecosystem Services By Restoring Coral Reefs To Meet A Changing Climate Future”. This five year project is funded by the Adaptation fund and  partners Seychelles with colleagues in Mauritius. We will be implementing coral restoration activities in St. Anne’s Marine National Park and at Anse Forbans in association with the Seychelles National Parks Authority and the Anse Forbans Community Conservation Programme.

The Project will build on our previous restoration work in these areas with an aim of providing 12000 coral colonies for various restoration projects in these areas. This will be done through a series of in-water nurseries and tried and tested coral-gardening principles.

The project has a full time team of five staff and will take both volunteers and interns/students with suitable diving qualifications. Please complete the volunteer application form on our volunteers page to apply.