Turtle Monitoring Programme


Seychelles hosts globally important populations of marine turtles, including one of the five largest nesting populations of the "critically endangered" Hawksbill turtle remaining in the world. There are also significant nesting populations of the "endangered" Green turtle. Although Loggerhead and Leatherback turtles feed in Seychelles waters, no breeding activity has been recorded.

Since 2003, MCSS has been implementing several complementary and mutually supportive turtle projects that address strategic, tactical and local scenarios in an attempt to address turtle conservation in an integrated manner. These programmes have also incorporated community and stakeholder involvement as much as is possible.

Running through all these projects is a long-term monitoring programme which focuses on monitoring nesting turtles on the beaches of south Mahe, the most developed of the Seychelles islands and consequently the most threatened turtle nesting beaches. This programme monitors priority beaches three times each week during the nesting season; environmental aspects such as beach profile, vegetation and accessibility are also monitored.

Volunteers are welcome on this programme from November to March each year. Please complete a volunteer application form and send it through to us.


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