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Marine Conservation Society Seychelles

Volunteering with MCSS

Unfortunately due to restrictions on international travel and quarantine procedures on arrival in Seychelles, opportunities for volunteers are severely restricted. Similarly, staffing restrictions may result in delays in replying to inquiries.

MCSS has encouraged and relied on volunteer support for most of our projects since our inception. Generally volunteers with MCSS will work on a number of the current projects; the time of year will dictate the project activities available with the turtles projects being busiest from from September to May. We do accept younger local students for work experience programmes and also have a specific volunteer and internship opportunities on the Cerf Island project.

Please download the intern / volunteer information file for further details, but in general terms we are happy to accept volunteers with the following attributes:

Preferably over 21 years of age

Good physical fitness

Medically fit.  THIS IS ESSENTIAL.  

A university degree in a biological subject, and / or good practical skills

Some experience of working in wildlife conservation

Ability to speak English

Anyone interested in volunteering should download the volunteer information file and the volunteer application form.

To see what our volunteers and interns have been doing lately please visit our Facebook and Instagram pages!

For up to date news on volunteer opportunities visit www.environmentjobs.com